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Where To Buy Our Mandevillas

Lake Area Nursery is a grower and wholesaler of young Mandevilla plants.  We do not currently sell to the general public.  However, many fine nurseries are growers of our Mandevilla plants.  Use the convenient links below to locate a  broker or grower that carries our unique patented plants. Lake Area Nursery owns the patents on these Velvet Mandevillas tm and is the only authorized propagator in the USA of these patented Mandevillas.

We sell rooted cuttings to many growers around the United States so our Mandevillas are available as finished blooming plants from growers through out the USA.

Retail Purchases

Glasshouse Works

Ornamentex  (Europe)


Ball Seed

Bill Moore Company

We also have a licensed propagator in Europe growing and selling Mandevilla 'Red Velvet' throughout the European Community. Contact us for that information if you are located in Europe and wish to purchase rooted cuttings or finished blooming plants.

We are also in the process of making these unique Mandevillas available in Japan.   

If your favorite grower doesn't carry our Mandevillas, please send them a link to our website, and have them contact us!










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